Copy appearances between shapes – Illustrator


I had 2 objects today in Illustrator I had added several layers of Appearances (my gradients & effects) to. I new I could do this in Photoshop and wanted to figure out how to do it in Illustrator.  I needed to copy the Appearances onto another shape, the stars.

appearances Illustrator

Go over to your Layers Panel. Click the down arrow to see the paths & appearance. To the right of the object is a circle. Thats it’s Appearance circle! Option (Alt) click the appearance circle and drag it to the shape layer you want to copy it to. If you don’t hold down Option (Alt) you will move the appearance instead of copying it. We want to copy this Appearance to the other two paths (shapes). The Appearances of the stars will now be the same as the text. This can save a lot of time.

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