HTML5 eblast-marketing

Webinar Dec. 3, 2014

This is an e-blast html template I built in Adobe Brackets and sent in Vertical Response. I discovered that building a basic responsive, html template, where you can gradually change design and images works much better in project scope, than a major overhaul. When I was first approached on creating the design, the company wanted a brand new design that hadn’t been implemented. They wanted a custom design that reflected the companies branding and didn’t like the generic templates. In our marketing meetings, each department manager had feedback about what they wanted. People couldn’t come to a consensus so the project was dropped.

I was unhappy a project was dropped because we were blocked. Each time an e-blast was due, I went in and updated the code. Over time I came up with a successful template design. I’ve learned in regards to project scope, I prefer setting smaller, achievable project goals that can be successfully implemented.

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