Slideshow design

slideshow project on Behance

My client really likes the “smoke effect.” I had a lot of fun creating smokey, fractal looking brushes and backgrounds in Photoshop. If you’d like to use them for your own project, you can download here.

Redesign & Analytics

In the redesign phase, there are a few issues I faced. The company slideshow was created out of old marketing campaigns. For design, when they didn’t have anyone in-house, this was the best they had. I checked the analytics for a few months on the slideshow. No one was clicking after the 1st few slides. I decided to change the content.

There was a “News” section on the home page but no one was clicking the links. The company had a lot of webinars, seminars, and user-meetings but they weren’t being displayed on the home page. I created 7 new slides to promote their upcoming events. I checked the analytics. I was shocked! Every single slide was being click on. I honestly thought 7 slides would be too many. I only recommend 4-5 slides for a slideshow. I learned a lot from this project. If you have good content, people will click.

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