3D graphics


I designed over 30 protein and polymer based images for Wyatt Technology’s new website to be placed in their Parallax (scrolling banner at the top of each page). The company needed to represent Key scientific concepts for Properties, and Applications of Proteins for webinars. They didn’t have any good images of proteins, nanoparticles, or molecular structures so I was starting at ground zero.


I started by looking for FREE 3D visualization programs. I talked to some of the Application Scientists and was told about UCSF Chimera. I worked with lead scientists to find the right molecular structures for our marketing campaigns, imported them into Chimera, added texture, cleaned up the color, rotated the models until I had something pleasing and then exported them into Photoshop to add dimension and filters.

molar mass

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I created this by pulling molecular structures from the Protein Data Bank (, placing them into a 3D interactive program, and then finalizing blurs and color in Photoshop.  3D video animations can also be made this way using an open-source uPy plugin, embedded Python Molecular Viewer ePMV, Cinema 4D or 3D Studio Max, and Adobe After Effects. I created this with UCSF Chimera, and Photoshop.

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