Lately, I’ve been working with UIkit, CSS/Less in YOOtheme. UIkit is a great lightweight, modular front-end framework that allows your site or interface to have really clean design with modal, tabs, drop-downs, and breadcrumbs . It’s saved me a lot of coding time and is worth adding to any website. They have a customizer so you can style components the way you want. They also have great support, a very active uikit developer chat, Github, and a google+ group, for help with your projects. As part of UIkit, you’ll want to install Font Awesome for icons. You will also need jQuery. The great things about UIkit is the loading time. It loads faster than Bootstrap 3.0 and Foundation 4.3.

Designing sites, you can use UIkit as the core, LESS, and JavaScript framework. When redesigning, UIkit can really improve your site/project in a small amount of time. If you don’t have a responsive site, UIkit is an easy way to add breakpoints and then customize.

off-canvas uikit


A JavaScript resource bundled with UIkit is the off-canvas menu. Do you want a smooth off-canvas sidebar that slides in and out of the page? For building mobile navigation, I’ve worked with their off-canvas javascript sidebar menu. It’s easy to implement and has smooth sliding transitions. You can easily add menu icons and customize the colors. It’s easy to fall in love with.

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