I am a freelance graphic/front end web designer working in Santa Barbara, California. I am available for hire. Currently, I do 30% print production and 70% web design, SEO, branding and marketing work. I am also a twitter consultant.

Growing up, my whole family was a computer family. My dad started a computer networking business that has grown into a consultant business. When I was young we were the only family that had an apple computer. I still remember all five of us, on Sunday, patiently waiting for the next person’s turn on the computer. My brother is a computer programmer however, I inherited the artistic side, doing graphic, web, mobile app and motion design.

I attended UCSC and had a double major in art and creative writing. I also went to SBCC for graphic communications with an emphasis in multi-media. My design strengths are: SEO keywords and optimizing sites, multi-media, editing, and product development. I have done a lot of design work in the educational field which includes book publishing, DVD publishing, and web design.

I am also a freehand artist. I went to the University of New Mexico for one year and learned jewelry design and printmaking. I really enjoy product development. As a hobby on Etsy, I am currently working on ecoleggings, designing upcycled clothing. I feel that clothing is like kinetic art, a process of evolution and change. I make one of a kind leggings out of recycled materials.

99Designs Freelance work

Web Design
To show my skills as a designer and be certified as a Web Designer, I created this for a freelance company



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