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Print production


I’m a visual artist. Lately, I’m focusing on design basics and being an artist. I feel the direction of graphic/web design is becoming more technical, as if I’m heading in the engineer direction… What field makes you constantly upgrade, every 6 months, like software? How many classes have I taken? I’ve taken Photoshop class over 6 times because there’s always something new to learn due to upgrades. Imagine taking English 6 times. My latest class, is UI/UX certification (UX design was coined by Apple).

What direction is design moving in? How many programs do you need to know? The list is growing. It would be nice to find a balance between design, programs, and upgrades.

Send me a sample if you want something specific. Over years, I’ve done so much work and made so many different portfolios in Behance, Flickr, Vimeo, Dribble, Git, etc. I’ve even had some portfolios disappear due to platforms closing. It’s impossible to compile everything, so I try to show off trouble-shooting issues that might be useful to others. Many designs I’ve done I don’t personally like but my opinion is not what’s important. Satisfying a client, learning from the process, and completing the project is my goal.

When I close my eyes, I think of nice, clean designs, lots of white space, content that pulls you in and doesn’t need to be in a bold font.

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