eblast creation & SEO

3 Reasons to Upgrade Your Website!

Project: eBlast for Mailchimp

This eblast was created for Ameravant Web Design. The V.P. of Business wanted a clean design to promote selling websites. I came up with a campaign idea to promote not only selling websites, but also get customers thinking about the need to redesign their site. The company also recently upgraded their sales “shopping cart” packages. I wanted customers who didn’t have a store yet to think about upgrading. Now that I had a target audience, I needed content.

I knew I wanted realistic content (not gimmicky). I checked click through rates on previous eBlasts so I would have a better idea on how much time I should spend on the project. The click through rate was pretty high so I knew that creating good content was important. I did a google search for “upgrade website tips.” I read a few sites. Many of them had 10 tips. That was too many for an eBlast. I decided to shorten it to 3 tips! I wrote up the content. I held a small office meeting. Everyone gave feedback. Since Google’s latest update focuses on smartphones, many clients need redesigns. I rewrote the content to also focus on responsive design. Almost done.

We usually feature a few clients in the eBlast so I added copy. I knew one of the clients was a nonprofit and 3 people were involved in the approval process on the website. I made sure to send the copy to all 3 and got an approval. I was lucky they responded right away! I think, getting eBlasts out on time and making deadline is also an important part of the process.

SEO tip: link your twitter, use a hashtag real-time search tool like and check your hashtags before you send your e-blast. That way you can be sure to reach a larger audience!

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