I have done every type of art form in existence. I have made 8 ft tall steel sculptures, bronze castings, ceramic paw print bowls, and jewelry. I have sold watercolors, oil paintings, and modeled for painting classes.

I moved from kinetic art into computer graphic design over 15 years ago and I love being a designer. From graphic design I went into web design, wireframes, front end web development, web hosting, multi-media, video, animation, and game development. I’ve used many programs over the years. Lately I’ve been doing more creative director, technical lead, and project management type roles. I’ve also been delving more into google analytics, stat counter, SEO, and marketing. I really enjoy working with other people on projects. As I’ve worked longer in the field, I’ve started to really enjoy and appreciate documenting the whole creation process from beginning to end, figuring out better workflows for myself, companies, and teams.

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