COVID-19 jobs

I just want to connect and let other #jobhunters know, we ALL are Still going through COVID-19 repercussions, no matter what Size your company is.

I remember the 1st day COVID hit, floating like a butterfly, no worries in my life, good income, and my physics professor, my client for 10+ years, Cancelled his appointment, for the 1st time ever that day, and I thought, ‘This isn’t Good.’ 💭

I’m researching, How to sell online, how to make passive income (not Really passive, lots of work)… I’ve learned a lot but, for over a year during #COVID, I APPLIED for 4 jobs a day on #LinkedIn, with NO LUCK so I want to Help job searchers with Tips.

What finally Worked for me was, posting my Resume locally on Craigslist, and applying Locally. Companies SAY they Want Hybrid, but Really DO prefer and give priority to an applicant that’s local. No shame in that either. We all have to help each other move forward.

Reward yourself when you find a good fit, streamline the job application process, and test different ways of advertising what you do well. I met a real estate agent working as a restaurant manager, because he hated remote work so explore new opportunities.

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