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faze apparel 2015-07-04

When you google your name, are you sick of seeing only the map location of your company on the right hand side? As project manager of a web agency, we give SEO consulting to clients. I’m always surprised how few people know, HOW important Google + is to your SEO rankings. Are they forcing you to sign up for another social media service? Absolutely. Is that annoying? Yes. Is it worth it? For 5 minutes of your time? Yes! Do you want your site logo and information to be found when people search for your business? Absolutely! So, go forth my friends, Sign up for a Google + account, upload a logo to your profile, add store hours, etc. Honestly, ADD any information that’s relevant to your business, and add a few photos while you’re at it. Add anything you want people to know about your business, including a 2 sentence mission statement. Wait 24 hours. Wait, how awesome are you? Now, for the real test. Google your name, there’s your logo! How awesome is that? SEO can sometimes be user friendly.

P.S. Google+ profiles now show up in search results on the right-hand side along with recent posts.

*It now takes 2 weeks to verify a business on Google through the mail. Google has added Google Workspace for business (email, Cloud storage, & video meetings with recording)

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